Although DOCLINE Journal Holdings can include MonthsYears, or Editions for limited retention holdings, DOCLINE's routing algorithm interprets months held (if less than 12) as "this year" and editions held as years held.

For example:

  • Latest 1 year or 1 edition is interpreted as "this year"
  • Latest 2 years or Latest 2 editions are interpreted as "this year and last year"
  • Latest 12 (or fewer) months are interpreted as "this year"

The number of months held is divided by 12 to calculate the years held; remainder months are dropped. 

For Example:

  • 36 months would be interpreted as "this year and the preceding 2 years"
  • 24 months would beinterpreted as "this year and last year"
  • 33 months would be interpreted as this year and last year

(Previous system: DOCLINE 5.2 Limited Retention FAQ)