Journal Articles
 Click on the PMC free full text symbol at the top of a citation found in TOXLINE or DART. You will be taken to PubMed Central which provides the full text for free.

If you are affiliated with a hospital or university library, check with that library to find out if they can supply the article. If you are not affiliated with a hospital or university library, request a copy from your local library. The library may be able to use Interlibrary Loan (ILL) to get an article.
If you do not have a local library, look at Document Delivery from the National Library of Medicine.

Check NLM's How to Get a Journal Article for more information.

You can try one of the sources listed in this resource: Finding Free Full Text Materials

Other Materials
If you are unable to find a copy of an item at a library, it may be possible to purchase a copy. Note: Older materials may no longer be in print.

The NIH RePORT Expenditures and Results (RePORTER) query tool provides information about a project's results, history, and any sub-projects. Information from RePORT is included in TOXLINE. Links to the full report can be found at the bottom of a TOXLINE record in the section marked Document Number.

Government Reports Announcements & Index (GRA&I)
You can order GRA&I reports by following the link found in the TOXLINE citation.