(This list includes federal government sites only.)

  • US NLM TOXMAP classic

    TOXMAP classic provides a "Download" option that allows users to download TRI facility, release, and trends data via the Facilities, Releases, Trends, Combo, and Search pages (located on the bar under the main menu). Data is saved locally as a compressed comma-separated text file (.zip). Moreover, users can save their search results via the Download pages, or with the "Save results" links in the map description and map controls. NOTE: At this time, TOXMAP includes reported on-site releases only.

    The user also has the option of downloading the Esri shapefile, which can be read with Esri's ArcGIS for Desktop.


    TOXNET TRI allows users to search TRI chemical names, CAS Registry Numbers, TRI data years, and/or details about the releasing facility. The left menu of the "TRI Search Results" page provides a download option for the retrieved TRI data. TOXNET TRI search results can also be mapped with TOXMAP classic by clicking on the "Map it with TOXMAP" icon located on the upper right of the TOXNET TRI results pages.

  • US EPA TRI Explorer

    EPA TRI Explorer offers custom reports on Releases, Waste Transfer, and Waste Quantity. Users can view and sort report data online or download it to a text file.

  • US EPA Envirofacts

    EPA Envirofacts provides simple and advanced queries and reports for TRI data. Find them on the right under "Advanced Capabilities".

  • US EPA's TRI data site

    EPA's TRI data site gives the user different ways to download TRI data:

    • "Annual TRI Public Data Release"-- includes a general overview of that year's TRI data and information on trends;
    • State Fact Sheets-- provide a brief summary of the TRI data by state and downloadable data files containing TRI reports submitted for the reporting year;