Thank you for writing to the help desk. Please note, citations for JOURNALNAME are added to PubMed by the publisher. Even if the information is correct on the journal website, the error was most likely introduced in the source data submitted to PubMed.

Therefore, we ask that you please report basic citation errors in PubMed data directly to the publisher, including errors in author names, affiliations, or citation bibliographic information (such as date of publication, volume, issue, and page or e-location), typographical errors in titles or abstracts, and errors in grants or databanks.


The PubMed Data Management System (PMDM) allows publishers or their authorized representatives to update or correct nearly all elements of their PubMed citations.

When writing to the publisher, ask that your email be directed to the team or department that submits XML citation data to PubMed.  That same team will be able to fix any errors.

Please supply your publisher with the following information:    

  • PMID    
  • Journal name, volume, issue, and page     
  • Article Title     
  • Author names  
  • Clear indication of incorrect and correct information
Comments (3)
  • Dear

    I didn’t find in pubmed my paper: Mycobacterium avium: an overview


  • My paper in Environmental Health Perspectives appears as "

    Estimating the Effects of [Formula: see text] on Life Expectancy Using Causal Modeling Methods." 

    where {formula: see text} appears instead of PM2.5. The same substitution appears in the abstract. There is no way for anyone searching for papers about PM2.5 air pollution to ever find this paper because PM2.5 does not appear in the title or text. This needs to be fixed, or it is worthless to have the paper in pubmed since nobody will ever find it. 
  • 1.) Publication not to be found in PubMed:
    Schmalzl J et al
    The inflamed biceps tendon as a pain generator in the shoulder: A histological and biomolecular analysis.
    J Orthop Surg (Hongkong) 2019 Jan 27(1):1-10

    2.) if you search in PubMed for my second name "Konrads",
    article number 25 is not me. It is Mr. "Schindler", whose FIRST name is "Konrad"
    So this article should not appear searching for "Konrads"