How do I obtain a license to use SNOMED CT?

This depends on where you are planning to use SNOMED CT. If you plan to use SNOMED CT:

In the US

Licensees of the UMLS Metathesaurus have free access to SNOMED CT. The IHTSDO license terms for SNOMED CT cover use and distribution worldwide, but fees may be applicable outside IHTSDO Member countries.

Users should carefully read the license agreement before re-distributing any content in any type of application as there may be additional restrictions, permissions or copyright considerations imposed by the content providers. Users must contact the vocabulary content providers regarding any use that is not covered by the license. The content providers may charge fees for these additional uses of their content. Appendix 1 of the license agreement lists contact information for each content provider. The SNOMED CT® Affiliate License Agreement is included as Appendix 2 of the UMLS Metathesaurus License and outlines possible costs. NLM is a member of IHTSDO and there is no charge for SNOMED CT use in the United States and other Member territories. For information about fees in non-member countries, see the IHTSDO website.

To request a license, click "Sign Up" on the UTS Homepage. Additional information can be found on the UMLS License page.

In another Member Territory

The UMLS is a global license and can be used to access SNOMED CT.

If you are planning to use, deploy or distribute SNOMED CT in a Member territory then the license can be obtained from that Member. The use of SNOMED CT in Member countries is free but we encourage you to check with the other Member's website to determine if there are other requirements. You can locate each Member country’s designated website by following the links from the IHTSDO website.

If you decide to use, deploy or distribute SNOMED CT in additional Member countries you should check the Member’s website to determine if there are requirements for use in that specific member country. Alternatively, you can also request a license from the IHTSDO.

As an alternative to obtaining the license from the Member, you may obtain the license directly from IHTSDO. However, you should check the Member’s website you plan to deploy or distribute SNOMED CT in to determine if there are any requirements for use in that specific country.

In a Non-Member Country

If you do not already hold a SNOMED CT license and you plan to use, deploy or distribute SNOMED CT only in a non-member country then you should apply for a license directly with IHTSDO. More information is available from the IHTSDO. Please be aware fees may apply.

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