How accurate are TRI locations in TOXMAP?

TOXMAP plots the location of all TRI facilities and Superfund sites using addresses and coordinates from the EPA Facility Registry System (FRS). The location of some of these may appear to be slightly inaccurate, because they are calculated by a geocoding estimation process. For general information about the accuracy of locations in TOXMAP, see "Why are the locations of some TOXMAP facilities slightly inaccurate?"

The EPA recommends use of addresses and coordinates from the FRS.  TOXMAP only plots TRI facilities with defined FRS locations. Corrections to FRS are made year-round by EPA and are incorporated into TOXMAP annually with each year's publicly available data.

This approach avoids many errors in the TRI location data. However, there are also limitations to FRS data, such as in the case of a large facility (tens or hundreds of square miles in area) that reports to multiple EPA programs. Since FRS only uses the "best" of the reported coordinates, a more accurate location for a TRI release may be overlooked (e.g. the street address coordinate is used because it is easily identified as "best", but the TRI release actually takes place elsewhere).

EPA works continuously to ensure that TRI data are accurate and reliable.  For more information, see the EPA TRI Data Quality page.

Or to report a data error to EPA, please contact EPA.
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