What is NLM's policy on author names?

An author's name is entered into MEDLINE/PubMed as it appears in the article at the time of publication. Since 2002, full author names have been included in some PubMed records when they are included in the published article, and when they are provided by the journal publisher. Full author names are searchable, but display only in the MEDLINE and XML display formats. Since 2017, more than two author initials are displayed in the summary and abstract display formats when they are provided by the journal publisher.  NLM does not link or merge various forms of the same author name in PubMed. We encourage authors to submit unique author identifiers (e.g., ORCID) to their publishers to be included in the PubMed record.
For more information on NLM's author indexing policy, see:
MEDLINE/PubMed Field Descriptions
Authorship in MEDLINE Fact Sheet

For information on searching for authors in PubMed, see
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