Can NLM research my topic or do a literature search for me?

The NLM primarily serves as a supplemental resource after you have tried all other local, regional, and national resources. We do not provide in-depth research or literature reviews for individuals or distribute printed publications, brochures or pamphlets on health conditions.

The NLM provides a variety of online health information sources and offers assistance to find and use them. For example, search the professional biomedical journal literature using PubMed, described at

PubMed is a citation database only. You may obtain the full text of journal articles in the following ways:

Some citations have links to free full-text articles. After doing a search, look to the left and click "Free article" or "Free PMC article" if there is a link.

The article may be available at your local library. If not, ask your library to obtain it through Interlibrary Loan (ILL). The ILL request must come from your local library.

You may be able to set up a Loansome Doc account with a medical or university library to order documents from your personal computer. See the Loansome Doc Fact Sheet. In the United States, you can contact a the NN/LM DOCLINE Coordination Office at 1-410-706-4173, Monday - Friday 8:30 AM - 5:30 PM; they will provide information about libraries in your area with which you may establish an account for the Loansome Doc service.

In Canada, you can contact NRC's National Science Library (NSL) at 1-800-668-1222 for information about libraries in your area that provide the Loansome Doc service.

Individuals living outside the United States or Canada who are interested in registering for Loansome Doc should read the information at:

For further research help, ask a reference librarian at a local library about search strategy assistance and other resources available to you.
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