1. Make sure that you are searching the PubMed database to retrieve citations for articles that you have published in scientific and biomedical journals.
You may find a subset of your publications as free full-text articles in the PubMed Central® (PMC) database.

2. Make sure that you search PubMed with your last name and initial to get all of the citations. Full-author-name searching is possible, but it is not comprehensive. Read more about searching by author.

3. Make sure that the journal in which you published is indexed for PubMed/MEDLINE. Articles from non-indexed journals will not be cited in PubMed unless they are deposited as full-text to PMC. To check if your journal of interest is indexed for PubMed/MEDLINE, search the U. S. National Library of Medicine Catalog limited to Journals referenced in the NCBI Databases.
Check the Current Indexing Status section (example) of the record you retrieved. 
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