In the PubMed database, author names are entered and retrieved as they appear in the original publication.  There is no mechanism for linking publications by various versions of an author name. For the most comprehensive retrieval, search for each complete name.  For example, to find an author with the name klein-bertrand c, you would have to enter klein bertrand c, with or without the hyphen.  If the author had previously published under the last name klein, you would run a separate search for klein c.  

We recommend that authors register for a free unique identifier, for example, at  PubMed accepts ORCIDs when they are submitted by the publisher and this can help you link your publications to one unique identifier.  

You can also use My NCBI's "My Bibliography" feature to create a bibliography of your publications to share with others. For more information, see

Comments (2)
  • in the paper 
    Short term complication rate following orhtopedic surgery in a terciary care center in Argentina
    Sicot J 2018:4,26
    there is a mistake in my Surname spelling and is wrong presented.

    I am indexed as Godoy Monzon
    please con you proceed to correct the mistake
  • My name in in 3 differente manners:
    Planells E (is the correct one)
    Planells del Pozo E
    Del Pozo E

    Is it possible to change the twoo last names as "Planells E" one?

    Many thanks in advance
    Yours sincerely
    Elena Planells