You can add your library's icon to PubMed citations through the Library LinkOut service. 

To participate in Library LinkOut you will need a link resolver (Outside Tool) that is unique to your library.  The link resolver must direct users to either the full-text article or a pre-filled ILL form when full-text access is not available through your library.   Your ILL form must be pre-populated with the PubMed citation information or we will not be able to set up the Library LinkOut service for your library.

Please work with your preferred library software vendor or explore open-source solutions to obtain your link resolver, as NLM is not able to help library staff obtain a link resolver or configure the pre-filled ILL form.  After you have successfully tested your link resolver and ILL form, please submit a registration request to have NLM set up your account. 

For step-by-step registration instructions, please see: Register your Outside Tool Service.