Each record presents summary information about a study protocol and includes the following:

  • Disease or condition
  • Intervention (for example, the medical product, behavior, or procedure being studied)
  • Title, description, and design of the study
  • Requirements for participation (eligibility criteria)
  • Locations where the study is being conducted
  • Contact information for the study locations
  • Links to relevant information on other health Web sites, such as NLM's MedlinePlus® for patient health information and PubMed® for citations and abstracts of scholarly articles in the field of medicine

Some records also include information on the results of the study, such as:

  • Description of study participants (the number of participants starting and completing the study and their demographic data)
  • Outcomes of the study
  • Summary of adverse events experienced by study participants

The full history of the changes made to a record can be accessed by viewing the archival version of the record on the archive. Once a study is registered on the site, the information about it is not removed.

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