To donate books published since 1914, please:

1. Search our catalog, LocatorPlus® to confirm that the NLM does not already own book(s) you want to donate.

2. If the NLM does not own the book(s), write a "gift offer" which includes a statement confirming you checked our catalog and the NLM does not own the item(s). For each book include:

  • author or editor
  • title
  • place of publication
  • date of publication
  • publisher
  • edition

3. Send the written offer with the information in #2 above to:

    National Library of Medicine
    Collection Development & Acquisition Section
    Bethesda, MD 20894 
    Attn: Lorretta Turnage
    (301) 496-3829

To donate journals published 1871 to present:

Use the Journal Donation System to see if NLM needs the volume(s) you want to donate. Any library can register for the system and offer a title.

The NLM will pay shipping for volume(s) we need that you can donate. For assistance, contact the Journal Donation Program at (301) 496-0081 or

Information for donating historical materials (rare manuscripts, medical books published before 1914, or journals published before 1871) to the NLM is at //

To donate books or journals to other libraries:

The American Library Association maintains a list of suggestions titled "Sending Books to Needy Libraries: Book Donation Programs."