To cancel your Borrow request(s)

  1. Retrieve your request by entering the request number, patron name or email address in the Search Borrow Requests box on the home page, or in Borrow>Search
  2. Click SEARCH. 
  3. Once the request(s) are displayed click the Cancel button for each request to be cancelled.


If the request has already been received by a lender, the Cancel action will be marked "pending". If the lender updates the "pending cancellation" request as "Not Filled," the request will then be canceled.  Requests with the following statuses will be canceled immediately:

New - new request entered by borrower, but not yet received by a lender.

Rerouted Online - request was not filled by first lender, and rerouted to the next potential lender.

Rerouted TTA - rerouted because of DOCLINE time-triggered actions after first potential lender did not receipt or act upon the request.