Some records look the same on the search results page; however, this may be because the search results page displays only limited fields. For example, a company could sell a medical device in both sterile and non-sterile form. The company would assign a different device identifier to each form of their product; however, both device records may show the same company name, brand name, version/model, etc. on the search results page and thus appear identical. A user would have to look at both full device records to see that one device is packaged as sterile and the other is not.
Also, GUDID does not collect all possible available information about a medical device, so there could be important differences between two devices that are not apparent by viewing the information displayed in AccessGUDID.
If you encounter two records that appear entirely identical, we encourage you to contact the device labeler via their provided contact information. They may be able to add distinguishing information in the Device Description field.
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