QuickDoc is an ILL system that interfaces with DOCLINE.  It is not a product of the National Library of Medicine.  QuickDoc is now supported by New England Survey Systems.  If you need assistance with QuickDoc, please contact them at, or by phone at 617-738-1800.

Users of QuickDoc may elect to join JayDalysBunch (JDB), a privately run Google Groups email discussion list created by and for members of the former UMass (QuickDoc) listserv. It is intended for those who wanted to be able to keep in contact and support each other’s use of QD.  JDB provides a forum for QD users to communicate with each other and the present owner of the software. The list is un-moderated and postings are limited to members.

How to Join (from the group owner)
  1. Find the group at!overview  by searching for JayDalysBunch as a group-name (not as a word or phrase in messages). Only one such option should appear.  (You can later click on the star icon to the left of the name to add it to your favorites)
  2. Choose SIGN IN ( near top right )  and use a g-mail address so you can get to the page where you can Apply for membership
  3. Here you will have options to choose your Display Name
  4. Link to your Google Profile IF you want to, but you don’t have to.
  5. Choose your email delivery preference
  6. REQUIRED QUESTION: Put the answer which will be obvious in the box provided.
  7. AND click the button APPLY TO JOIN THIS GROUP
Note: Later, if accessing any Google Group via your organizational e-mail address is difficult or not allowed, using or creating a non-organizational g-mail may be necessary. If you switch your email for this group, request to join again.  
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