The NLM Catalog has journal subsets to retrieve journals cited in NCBI databases, PubMed titles and MEDLINE titles. Lists are also available in XML and other formats, as specified, below.

To retrieve a list of all journals where citations are regularly added to PubMed:

To retrieve a list of all journals cited, even once, in PubMed:

Users interested in detailed indexing information for MEDLINE journals may select the Full display format when viewing MEDLINE journal records to view this information.

NLM Serials data is also available from the NLM Data Distribution Program. Serfile, the subset of all serials in LocatorPlus or NLM Catalog, is available in either MARC 21 or XML format. Serfile has the most data elements available. Users of these data must arrange for their own Information Technology (IT) support to manipulate the data into a more human-readable format.

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