Trial results are not always publicly available, even after a clinical trial ends. Sometimes, a trial ends before completion, and/or researchers may never publish results. The company that makes the product or sponsored the trial may be the only source of information.  Some sources for finding published trial results are:

  • - When available, results information is in the study record under the Study Results tab. See How to Find Results of Studies for more information on finding results entered in the results database. 
  • MEDLINE®/PubMed® - Search for the name of the study or study number by combining ([si] OR clinical trial[pt]) with the named disease, condition, or therapy in your search. The first part of the search strategy retrieves references from the databases. The second part of the search strategy retrieves MEDLINE references identified as reporting on clinical trials.  You can also search for the name of the study's principal investigator or collaborators: (disease AND last name [ir]).
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