You can change the originally requested release date for any processed (accessioned) GenBank or SRA records that are not yet public (still unreleased).

To request a release date change, please proceed depending on your data: 

1. For standard GenBank submissions (records that you submitted through BankIt or a related tool and are not associated with any BioProject), write to . In your message, provide the new release date and the list of accession numbers to which it applies.

2. For assembled data that are not a part of the SRA/BioProject/BioSample release set, send your requests to:

3. For Sequence Read Archive (SRA) records, you can now (starting in February 2019) change the release date yourself on the web, using the My SRA Data page.  To access the page, use the My SRA data link on the NCBI Submission Portal home page.

On the My SRA Data page: 

  • Find the BioProject that links to the unreleased SRA data for which you want to change the release date:
    • Use the blue Search panel on the left (check the BioProject and To be released boxes).
    • Locate/click the BioProject accession (PRJNA#) in the Browse table on the right to display the project's page.
  • Click the Edit button (located next to the current Release date) to display a pop-up that will allow you to select Release now or to provide a new date to shorten/extend the future SRA data release time.  Note that we will release the associated BioProject and BioSample records at the same time as your SRA data.
  • While confirming the change for the SRA data release, you may also provide release date information for any assembled GenBank data (Genome, TSA, TLS, …) that are associated with the same BioProject. This step is optional and may not be applicable to your submission.

For additional details on changing SRA release date see SRA documentation


For information on the GenBank record release policy, refer to the Confidentiality passage on the GenBank home page.



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