1. PMIDs:   Use this method when you have one or more "PubMed Unique IDs" (PMIDs) for articles being requested. 

  • Article citation and Journal information are automatically filled in by the system
  • PMID requests have enough journal information to be automatically matched to lenders in Borrowers' Automated Routing Table

2. Journal Unique ID:  Use this method if you do not have PMID(s), but know the Journal Title, ISSN, OCLC Number, or NLM Unique ID (NLMUI)

  • Can be initiated from Journals Search results (Journal Holdings view) as well as from Borrow menu
  • Journal information is automatically filled in so that requests have enough information to be automatically matched to lenders in Borrowers' Automated Routing Table
  • Article citation input by Borrower

3. Manual Request:  Only use this method to request articles from Journals not in NLM's catalog, or for book loans or chapters.  These requests:

  • Cannot be matched to Lender holdings
  • Will route sequentially through the Lenders in the Manual (M/A/N) Routing Table (Monographs, Audio/visuals, Not in catalog)
  • May Route to NLM (if selected)