Outgoing Contact Library emails are addressed to the recipient library's "Delivery Email Address" and to each ILL Contacts* listed in their Library Profile.

  1. To contact another library about a request, use Lend or Borrow Search (as appropriate) to locate the specific request. 
  2. In the Search results request display, the Contact Library envelope icon appears to the right of the Lender or Borrower Name.
  3. Click the icon to display the Contact Library form.
  4. The form is populated with the Request number as well as To*: and From: information.
  5. Add your message.
  6. Edit email address in the "Your Contact" section (address CC'd on the message) if desired.
  7. Complete "I'm not a Robot" captcha
  8. Click Send Message.

Note: copies of outgoing emails are not retained by DOCLINE 

*see Support Article-05200 for information on updating library and contact email addresses.

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