The Submission Statement for NIHMS reads as follows:

I am providing this manuscript to the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to make it publicly available in PubMed Central [Embargo period] after its official date of publication in the journal.

I confirm that:

Right to Deposit – I have retained the right to deposit this version of the manuscript with PMC, so that it may be appropriately tagged and made available to the public on the PMC web site; or, I otherwise am legally authorized to deposit this manuscript for the purposes described.

Confidentiality — The manuscript may contain confidential information that must not be publicly disclosed prior to publication of the paper in the named journal.

Peer Review — The version I am depositing has been peer reviewed and accepted for publication and includes all modifications resulting from the peer review process.

Funding — The manuscript is the result of research supported, in whole or in part, by direct costs funded by participating Funder(s).