NIHMS publisher accounts may be established upon request for publishers that follow established industry best practices (see the National Library of Medicine Collection Development Guidelines for details) and publish a high-volume of papers supported by NIH or another participating funder (see the Funders List). With a publisher account, you may make submissions using the Web interface or via the NIHMS Publisher Bulk-Upload Pathway (see below). Please note, publishers can only initiate deposit of manuscripts in NIHMS; an author or funded investigator must complete the required approval steps. For any deposit initiated via a publisher account, publishers receive API access to PMC usage statistics following release of their first manuscript in PMC.

To request an NIHMS publisher account, please contact the NIHMS Help Desk with the following information:

  1. Number of NIH-funded articles your organization publishes annually
  2. Number of journals for which your organization will be submitting manuscripts
  3. URLs to the following information about your organization on a public website:
    • Names and addresses of the owners of the publishing company
    • Location (full address) of corporate office(s)
    • Editorial policies
    • Editorial and peer-review processes

Please note that in cases in which a publisher account request is denied, you retain the option to set up an NCBI account to provide deposit services for your authors. 

Submission via the NIHMS Publisher Bulk-Upload Pathway

The NIHMS Publisher Bulk-Upload Pathway was developed to offer NIHMS publisher-account holders a way to use in-house automated processes to organize and transmit multiple manuscript submissions to NIHMS. Manuscripts are submitted to the NIHMS system via FTP. Arrangements must be made with NCBI regarding the location on the FTP server to send manuscript bundles. For complete details regarding submissions via the NIHMS Publisher Bulk-Upload Pathway, please refer to the specifications contained in the bulk-upload information package

To make arrangements to submit via the NIHMS Publisher Bulk-Upload Pathway, please contact the NIHMS Help Desk.