When you log in to DOCLINE, the method you use determines the entity that verifies or authenticates your identity.  There are a number of options displayed to users on the “NIH Sign In” portal* after they click the Log in to DOCLINE button (

NOTE: After the first successful sign in, users cannot change to a different verification method.

Fully supported methods
If a method is fully supported, NLM tests it with releases and provides help on its use.

  • Google: log in with your own Google account and password or your own Gmail account and password (email address) that matches established DOCLINE username. This is the most used method.  See NLM’s Google Best Practices for more information.
  • Research Organization: log in with your own university or other workplace network credentials (email address) that matches established DOCLINE username. Institution must be an NIH federated research partner and belong to to be listed.
  • Federal Libraries: login with your CAC or PIV card that matches established DOCLINE username. NIH staff have the option to use internal network credentials (username and password).

Not fully supported methods
If a method is not fully supported, NLM does not regularly test it or offer documentation, but it is known to work and is regularly used by some libraries. NLM cannot offer advice or support on configuring and maintaining the account or using it with DOCLINE. 

  • is listed as a Research Organization option on the NIH Sign In portal. 

See’s Help for more information.

Unsupported methods
Unsupported methods may work but have not been tested, could have unpredictable results, and are not recommended. The unsupported options are Microsoft, Facebook, and PayPal.
*The National Institutes of Health account and identity management team maintains and supports the NIH Sign In portal.