To switch to using a account with your current DOCLINE username:

  1. Go to the website and create a new account, using the email address that matches your existing DOCLINE username (ex:  

  2. Submit a Help Desk ticket with NLM to have your DOCLINE user account cleared of the prior stored login method, so that you can use instead.

NOTE: If you create a account with an email that doesn’t match your DOCLINE username address, you must request a new matching DOCLINE user account from DOCLINE Support at your Regional Medical Library or NLM.

Once your new account is set up, and prior log in data cleared from DOCLINE by NLM, use these steps for signing into DOCLINE.

  1. Go to website

  2. Click the Login to DOCLINE button

  3. Click Research Organization button on the NIH Sign In page

  4. Find and select in the search box/list of Research Organizations

  5. Proceed through steps

DOCLINE Activity & Status Area home page displays.

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