The Routing Algorithm, or how the request was routed to the potential lender, is indicated with the label "Via".

As Borrower or Lender, you can see how the request was routed 

  • On the printed request receipt, the Latest Route: line  (above Bill To:) includes the current Library, current Action, and Via 

As the Borrower:

  • On the request confirmation 'Success' page after a request is placed, the display includes Request NumberLibrary and Via 
  • In Borrow Search results, under Request History, the display includes:  DateActionReasonLibraryVia 

Table:  Routing Algorithm Possible Via Values and Explanations

Value Indicates
Direct to Lender
Single lender input by Borrower (routes regardless of holdings)
Cell # 0-9
Automated Routing Table cell containing potential lender
Direct to NLM
NLM checkbox selected, or NLM LIBID input by Borrower
NLM after Cell Routing
Sent to NLM after Automated Routing cell libraries exhausted
All Other Libraries 
Lender automatically selected from among All Other Libraries after other routing options exhausted
Lender one of nine libraries input by Borrower
NLM after Manual
Sent to NLM after Manual Lenders exhausted